Coaching people with Hashimoto’s the right way...

When I decided that I wanted to put my medical focus on helping with thyroid issues, I didn’t have a clear long-term plan, but I was 100% sure that this is my medical path.

Instead, I started with a list of things I didn’t want for my coaching clients to go through ever again:

Being told that your symptoms are all in your head.
Being told that there is nothing you can do about your Hashimoto’s symptoms, and this is it for the rest of your life.
Determine medications and dosages based on TSH only.
Only focus on TSH and T4 values.
Only offer T4 medication and refuse anything else.
Say that diet has nothing to do with Hashimoto’s
Not adjusting medications and dosages during pregnancy.
Making you feel like you’re a failure.

I filter all my coaching programs through the above list – my Health Power List.

I used this list to help my wife and my daughter who both have Hashimoto’s to achieve remission and stay in remission.

Now, I help other people to reach the same goal through my Live Group Coaching Programs.

I want you to abandon the mindset that your health is someone else's hands, optimize for remission, and quit doing things that hold you back...

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